How can small and medium size banks take make use of Fintech to boost their Bank?

          Banking environment is becoming stringent day by day. The environment is going to get tougher and tougher for banks, and the need and ask of the hour is two most important things (a) stable, compliant and world class AML/compliance solutions and (b) Ensure fully compliant process and procedures around the system.


All Banks across the globe look up to their FSRB (FATF style regional bodies) for achieving global standards in which FATF does not have direct control and even for that matter to earn membership with FATF as an ultimate goal. One needs to understand that FATF rewards membership to countries based on various points in terms of systems, process and procedures etc. through its mutual evaluation.


        When the ultimate goal is to reach global standards then why not adopt world class systems in AML/compliance and earn those brownie points and stay ahead of your competitors banks. Towards the Bank can take greatest decision of implementing world class AML/compliance solutions and integrate it with Core Banking applications. Regulators and external auditors rewards higher points and find the comfort from the fact that as a Bank you have already implemented world class solution largely compliant with FATF standards and recommendations.


In this journey we are you end to end partners holding your hand and transition you into a world class Bank through end to end implementation solutions, extended arm model of support and relationship beyond boundaries.

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