About Us

About Us:

Neo-FinT consulting is a world class, innovative and passionate provider of consulting services in the fintech industry which offers an all-in-one AML compliance platform that is highly optimized for the needs of the target segment. The integrated compliance platform covers customer on boarding, customer screening, transaction monitoring and regulatory reporting interlaced with a common case management application.

Neo-FinT consulting co-founders has scaled their large institutions experience and technologies to fit the budgets and need of banks like yours which Future proof your program from a tech standpoint.

Innovation * Trust * Quality

Neo-FinT is a trusted and a world-class Fintech consulting services provider for Banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions. We aim at providing cutting edge, innovative and latest technology applications and compliance solutions to the Banks especially to AML, Risk and  Financial Crime Compliance Management domains including advisory services in Fintech space such as Anti Money Laundering, Regulatory, Know your Customer, Sanctions screening and Transactions Filtering including Real Time solutions. We also provide AML and Sanctions screening alerts investigation procedures development and also provide resource augmentation who would work for your AML departments in clearing backlogs of Alerts and cases, perform QC checks and train the teams on procedures of investigation

Our Resources:

Our pool of resources are CAMS, PSM, PMP and CSM  certified resources who comes with global rich experience of leading and delivering AML Implementations, AML Regulatory, AML Remediation, and Resource Augmentation projects for various leading banks across the globe such as Africa, US, Europe, Middle East, Japan, Pacific Ocean-Oceania.

Our objective is to be the most trusted and best leading innovative Fintech solution provider for Banks in AML, Risk and Compliance space. We own and treat customer’s problems as our own problem and deliver excellent technology and innovative solutions with our three pillars of project delivery model with an extended arm-Time, Quality and Efficiency. We provide an extended arm of flexibility, support and also share global best practices to make your Bank a world class organization on par with global banks and believe in building a relationship which fosters forever.

Significance of our Company name:

The name “Neo-Fint” has been coined from two terms which represents our core strength and vision wherein “Neo” refers to “New innovations and solutions” and “Fint” refers to “solutions in the Fintech world”.Our Company’s vision and mission is to be the clear choice for our clients. Our goal is to develop and be among the best leading solution providers in the Fintech world complementing new technology solutions for AML and compliance departments of the Bank through fintech innovation solutions such as Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and robotic process automation. We believe in bringing technology enabled innovation in financial services that could result in new business models, applications, processes or products with an associated material effect on financial markets and institutions and the provision of financial services, solutions to new trends and typologies faced by AML/Compliance teams of all the Banks in terms ML/TF risks.

Our focus and solutions not only caters and compliments to FCCM implementations but also Health check analysis of existing systems, Upgrades of FCCM systems, Changes to existing configurations, Customizations, Trainings and advisory services on FCCM investigation procedures such as Transaction Monitoring, KYC and Sanctions Screening, Regulatory Central Bank remediation projects, AML, Risk and compliance solutions